Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Something close to nada

I am having trouble with animals lately.

Pigeons: I am having a problem with pigeons. Lot's of pigeons. They have taken to hanging out by my back stairs. You can not imagine the amount of pigeon poop outside the back door every single day. It has gotten so bad that some days I think I am better off hurling my self in the air and not actually stepping on the stairs to avoid the pigeon poop. I have tried all sorts of things to be rid of them. I bought a big ugly plastic owl, hung him in a most menacing way and the pigeons basically laughed at the owl and of course by default me. That damn owl cost me $30.00 now he is just an annoyance to my cat. I tried tying black trash bags to the stairs because someone told me the movement and the noise would scare them off. Not! (OK maybe for one day there were less pigeons around) I then resorted to less humane ways. I put down some sticky gooey stuff. This miracle pigeon repellent would make the pigeons little feet stick to the steps (no, not permanently) just long enough to make them hate me and their sad little lives and fly off to someone else's house. This gooey stuff cost $120.00. The pigeons stepped in the goo, pulled their little feet out and then laughed hysterically as lizards got caught in the goo and died a slow death. I love lizards, I hate pigeons so I power washed all the goo away. Last month I am sad to say I resorted to poison ... yes my little huckleberries, my name is EsLocura and I am a pigeon killer. In my defense I must tell you that there is/was tons of pigeon poop on my stairs and it smells, it smells real bad, I was desperate. The poison killed 2 pigeons and the survivors went out and got back up pigeons to fill in the gaps. I bought a pellet gun, not to kill but to scare. The pigeons mocked me. They were afraid the first 2-3 times now they just turn around and stare at me. I think the pigeons are winning.

Dogs: The neighbors dog is driving me nuts. His bark ( I use that term loosely) is a high pitched, cause a noise bleed sort of bark. And he barks constantly. Day and night. It doesn't help that his owners are complete idiots (idiots being the kindest word I can use).The poor dog is tied to a fence with a 4ft leash. Most days he doesn't have water and I don't think he eats too well or too often. I have spoken to the neighbors, asked if they could perhaps move the dog to someplace where I can not hear him. I have offered to buy the dog, find it a good home. I give it water when I know they are not home and food when I can but that fucking barking gives me a pounding headache. And the fucking neighbors just don't care. Yesterday was the last straw, after almost 4 hours of nonstop barking, I went outside determine to tell my neighbors that I was contacting animal control. No one was home so I just set the dog free. Yes, I untied him and let him go. Of course who should come home but the neighbors, who quickly tied the poor dog back up. He's barking as I type!

Cats: I love my cat, he isn't the problem. There is a stray cat who is a problem. This stray showed up as many strays have and I fed him. (big mistake) Next day he was back with a friend. I fed them both. (mistake) This continued for about a month. Then one stray disappeared and the other stray decided that he felt so at home, he was going to come upstairs to my house. (mistake on the cat's part) My cat hangs out on the balcony, the stray tried to steal my cats food, a fight ensued, I run outside, scared the stray away. This lovely scenario has played out for a week. I am now no longer feeding the stray and taking the water hose to it when ever I spot him near my house. I haven't wet him, just scared him. But he just keeps coming back annoying my cat and pissing me off. I am now thinking I need to catch the stray and take him for a scenic long drive to the next town. ( I would of course feed him first)

Roosters: There are too many cocks on the farm. And too many cocks means plenty of fighting. All my chickens are free range, no coops for them except for the sick hens or injured roosters. Roosters like most males of any species are territorial and don't like having competition for the hens attention. Roosters fight to the death. It gets very bloody. Nothing puts a damper on my day like coming across an injured bloody or dead rooster. This problem was solved (for now) by my cousin Jose. Jose came over and caught 6 roosters to lessen the cock population. He used one rooster with a string tied around one leg, to lure other roosters into his trap. There are now only 4 roosters and about 30 hens. Better odds, happier roosters, less fighting.So what's a girl to do? I don't mistreat animals. (I've made peace with the 2 dead pigeons) I don't want to mean and angry. I don't want to become Eslocura the murderer, I so much prefer the Queen title but I am getting desperate. Got any ideas on solutions to my animal conundrums?

Monday, November 26, 2007

I still have nada

Yes, it's another night of nada. I am so tired and sleepy but I wanted to stop in and say "hey". Now I am going to try and sleep, wish me luck, sandman doesn't want to visit my padded cell. woe is me. Anyone have a bedtime story? Anyone have a sure fire way to help induce sleep?

Pretty flowers ...huh.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

If Only ...

... It were this simple.

Funny Pictures

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I got nada

There is a full moon tonight and that is all I have for you, sad but true. Feel free to fill in the awkward silence with whatever you have on your mind tonight.

Friday, November 23, 2007


I'm tired tonight, didn't get much sleep last night, and I was busy all day. I don't feel well, I have a little bit of an ear ache and I am in a pretty bad mood. The neighbor's dog will not shut the fuck up, and every one of his clangorous, piercing, high pitched barks make me want to stick a hot poker in my eye because I am convinced that would be more soothing than his bark! As for my neighbors I have an ever growing strong dislike for them. (not all my neighbors are stupid, just this one family). I don't want to fill these pages with the bile of even more negativity so I am off to watch some junk on Television. Hope your day and night are/were better than mine. We'll chat tomorrow, I'll try and be in a better mood.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Get your Gobble on"

Have a wonderful day.
("get your gobble on" was stolen from over at Kofi's place)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


As the end of the year draws near, it seems we are surrounded by a plethora of smells. All the holiday cooking smells that bring about warm and fuzzy feelings for most people. I remember the smell of winter back on the east coast, pine trees and pine cones, or maybe it was just a Yankee candle but still I love the fresh smell of pine. Hot chocolate on on snowy night, yum. The smell of that thanksgiving turkey. Cinnamon reminds me of hot apple cider. How about the scent of bread baking or perhaps even cookies? Holiday food smells conjure up many memories.

Of course there are many foul smells in the world but lets not get into those, let's focus on the sweet smells, the smells that remind you of something or someone special. I do believe our sense of smell is essential to our humanity, social interactions, survival, and relationships.

The scent of your lover as you nuzzle his neck, complete sweetness that reminds you how lucky you are. The scent of fresh coffee first thing in the morning, it's a new day. The scent of roast pork in the oven always reminds that I am home. Clothes that were dried outside, I love that clean fresh scent. Aramis cologne always reminds me of my dad. The scent of roses or rose oil as well as lavender reminds me of Yolanda (aka Yogi), a spirited soul who I have been blessed to be friends with. Frying cheese and bacon reminds me of the comadres, and the love we share.

Yes, my little huckleberries this time of year is filled with scents that evoke some sort of emotion or memory. What scents give you that warm and fuzzy feeling, or remind you of a person or moment from the past?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


The word Jibaro is commonly used in Puerto Rico to refer to mountain peasants. The jibaro has come to represent the Puerto Rican people in all their historic, ethnic and cultural complexity. The image of a jíbaro is used in all forms of Puerto Rican art, including this monument in Cayey.

This week here on the island we are celebrating the discovery of Puerto Rico.

On September 25, 1493, Christopher Columbus set sail on his second voyage to the new world with 17 ships and around 1,200-1,500 men. Columbus landed on this island on November 19, 1493. He named it San Juan Bautista (in honor of the John the baptist). During the 1520s, the island took the name of Puerto Rico which means "rich port". The island was inhabited before it's discovery by the Taino and Arawak Indians. Who were eventually all defeated in battle and subjugated. Badly mistreated by the Spaniards, they died out as a labor force and the role of the Indian was taken over by the African slaves.The discovery of Puerto Rico is an official island holiday, which was celebrated yesterday (Nov. 19th), all government offices were closed and there was no school. Today almost all the schools are having celebrations in honor of our discovery. These celebrations honor the Jibaro, our food, our history and our culture. Children dress up as Indians, and Jibaros. (I have yet to see anyone dress up as Columbus). There is a pot luck luncheon with everyone bringing food that represents our origins. I watched today as kids proudly wore clothes representing our history, carrying Puerto Rican flags, and carrying food, whose aroma made me hungry for something other than cereal this morning.

I have plenty to say about our commonwealth status and our conflicts in keeping culture alive despite the influence of the United States but I'll save that for another time. For today I am rejoicing in the discovery of my island, my home.

Monday, November 19, 2007


I just got this lovely award from Hearts. This is what she says about me:

"Eslocura at Eslocura's Asylum would wear baby doll pajamas in wine silk with matching ashtray for that ubiquitous cigar."

Now you have to admit that's pretty funny. Heart is like that, very funny. (when she isn't on her death bed, and frankly, even then she cracks me up).
So lets talk about pajamas, shall we? I don't wear pajamas to bed, I'm a sleep naked kinda girl. But I love pajamas. I wear them around the house, out on the farm, while cooking, reading, listening to music, showering, (OK not when I am showering, just checking to see if you were paying attention.) I have had meetings in my pajamas and many deep philosophical conversations. I also have been known to use pajamas as a lead in for other "extra curricular activity". (wink wink nudge nudge, know what I mean) I wear boxer shorts and t shirts, silky sexy pj's, I have even worn flannel pajamas with feet. I do wear baby doll pajamas and yes, of course I have ashtrays to match. Duh, where else would I flick that ubiquitous ash? (ubiquitous, say it with me ... ubiquitous, it's a groovy word).

Did you know that pajamas were introduced in England as lounging attire in the 17th century, making the scene around the 1880's in the western world as sleeping attire for men and the word pajama was originally spelled pyjama? (You can thank me later for that little bit of trivia.)

Thank you "Heart" for the award, I do appreciate it, you are the "cat's pyjamas".

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The "6" Meme

My "guilty 6's", I stole this from Hearts blog.

Six guilty pleasures no one would suspect me of having:
  1. I love Hostess white powdered donettes and Hostess cupcakes.
  2. My love of writing. (until this blog, of course)
  3. I have to touch things. Information is never complete until I add the sense of touch.
  4. I buy items/food for people in need and drop them off, anonymously.
  5. Being naked, sleeping naked, naked.
  6. Starbucks, iced caramel nonfat macchiato.
Six guilty pleasures I wish I had the courage to indulge:
  1. Scuba diving or sky diving.
  2. An entire week (or 2) alone.
  3. Putting my own needs ahead of everyone else's.
  4. Sharing my poetry.
  5. Sailing around the Caribbean.
  6. 100 uninterrupted days with "you know who you are".
Six pleasures I once considered guilty but have either abandoned or made peace with:
  1. Premarital anything.
  2. Not participating in any organized religion.
  3. Lazy days spent doing nothing but napping.
  4. Swearing a whole lot, in 2 languages.
  5. Drinking and smoking when I feel like it.
  6. Fighting the system.
This was a lot harder than it looked. Feel free to steal it, pass it along, whatever.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007


I'm tired, been up since 2AM, it's been a long day, go away, come back tomorrow, I'll have something to say by then.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What if ...

What if ...

You realize that outfit you thought made you hot, really sucks?
The love of your life has left the building and you did nothing to stop him?
Chocolate is a health food?
The one thing you have been searching for, was never within reach?
Ice cream has anti-aging properties?
There is no God?
Butterflies are reincarnated love ones?
PETA dropped off the face of the earth?
Money really does buy happiness?
You have to pick between doing the right thing and losing your best friend?
President Bush is an evil troll in disguise?
They opted for truthful concerned conversation instead of silent snubbing?
Everyone has a twin?
Purple and Yellow polka dots are your colors?
Bill Gates takes over the world and we are all forced to use Microsoft shit?
Your iPod blows up?
Ghosts do exist?
Pepsi wins the cola wars?
You can go home again?
Sex is the only road to true enlightenment?
The freedom for full expression of your personality was the norm?
Rum is the elixir of the gods?
A peaceful, nurturing planet is light years away?
My fucked up noisy neighbors became decent, quiet, thoughtful people?
I had a chance to meet each and everyone of you?
The love of my vida and I lived happily ever after and no one rejoiced?
Everyone took a turn helping someone less fortunate?
There was an end to world hunger/Aids/genocide?
Happiness was easily achieved?

What if?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NaBloPoMo (less 6 days)

My last post was on November 8th. If you do the math, that's about 6 days ago. I screwed up my NaBloPoMo commitment by 6 days. I am sorry, normally I am much more responsible but sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging. For the 2-3 of you that read my last post, my parting words were something about picking tangerines and grapefruits. That's where I left off ... this is where it continues.

Last I remember it was Thursday, November 8th. It was a bright, sunny, lovely morning. Perfect day for picking citrus. I put on my farm clothes and headed to the finca. (finca=farm) I think I had already filled a large sack with grapefruits, and another with tangerines and was working my way towards the lemons, when I saw the first flash of light. This is where things get a little cloudy. It was as if a large oval shape shiny flying object had landed on my farm. I couldn't move, I wanted to move, perhaps even scream, but I couldn't. It was as if someone or perhaps something had control of my body.

I can't remember most of the last 6 days but I can share with you the few bits and pieces that seem to be a part of where I may have been for the last 6 days (instead of fulfilling my duty to NaBloPoMo). I remember little green men, I think they had foreign accents, although I don't recall seeing their lips move. I remember a hallway of shame photographs of people I somehow thought I knew. I could swear (although the memory is a bit foggy) that I saw I picture of Dagromm in his bunny suit. Then I spotted a group photo of the quad, I can't tell you what Q was doing in the photo because the sheer thought makes me ill. There was a photo of Susan, this of course was basked in sunlight, and although I have never actually met her, the person in the picture was proudly displaying her wares so who else could it be but Susan, right?

The little green men led me through the hallway and into a conference room. I think the chupacabra was there, as was the Pillsbury dough boy( I seem to recall a look of angst on his little dough face, what is it with aliens and anal probes?), the Michelin tire man, that big marshmallow guy from the ghostbuster movie, a wookie and Sigourney Weaver. Everyone was in various "probing positions". Again my memory seems to fail me somewhat here. I do recall reaching for my switchblade, because duh ... I am Puerto Rican, I never leave home without it. Then before I knew it I woke up today in my bed surrounded by sacks of fruit. go figure ...

The good news is I am back, the bad news is I can't figure out how to get all this marshmallow out of my hair.

In comments, how goes it with you? miss me? ever been abducted by little green men?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Food Ramblings

Let's talk about food. I love good food. Some people may even claim that I am a bit of a food snob. And perhaps they are right, but I like to think I am just more opinionated about food then some people. I have been lucky enough to have lived in some awesome food cities, namely New York and Boston and of course Puerto Rico.

I will try almost any kind of food once, twice if I am unsure. I love most vegetables and almost all fruits. I don't care for red meat much but I can eat fish everyday. I've taken a few cooking classes. I've learned to make Sushi, Sicilian specialties, and vegetarian meals. I am not so good at making deserts except for a killer New York style cheesecake.

I do think that fresh ingredients are always best. I do think there is a big difference between expensive olive oil and cheap olive oil. I feel the same way about balsamic vinegar. I do think the more "natural" the better. I am not a fan of processed foods, or fast food.

I am not able to get somethings here but luckily friends and family are always willing to ship things to me. My cousin Tony supplies me with Italian cold cuts, and my cousin Olga has made sure I don't run out of Orzo and acini de pepe. (for my chicken soup)

I love bread and I am rather fond of crackers so all those diets that claim I should not have bread can kiss my butt. I don't care for anything peanut butter flavored but I do like peanut butter. I love jelly bellies. I love cheap chocolate bars (twix bars are my favorite) but I don't like chocolate deserts. I love flan and creme brulee.

I enjoy going to nice restaurants and ordering appetizers. I love pizza. I love salads. (along with a nice glass of wine, red, I don't care much for white.) I've eaten alligator, rattlesnake and crickets. I've tired parts of animals that should be thrown away. (sometimes that "when in Rome" thing doesn't work in your favor)

I love rice and potatoes. I don't like turnips or parsnips. I love a good Barbecue, grilling is another of my cooking skills. I can also fillet fish like a pro. I am allergic to scallops but eat all other shellfish. I love octopus and squid especially grilled or in a salad. Roast Pork ala Puerto Rican is to die for.

I love eggs Benedict, and real maple syrup, but not together. I once ate my way through New Orleans and drank bloody Mary's served with a plethora of garnishes. I don't buy any fruit in supermarkets except for apples because nothing tastes as good as what I grow, sadly I don't grow apples.

I'm done rambling for now, I've got chickens to feed, tangerines and grapefruit to pick, talk among yourselves ...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I just realized that Christmas is 49 days away, and I am not happy about it. The stores have been showing signs of this event for at least a month. The towns are already putting up their decorations. The shopping circulars are already claiming Christmas sales. It annoys me. It all just annoys me. Is it too soon to start saying "bah humbug"?.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I had reason today to see my father's brother and sisters. They once were a very large family, today there are only 5. They are all well into their 70's , for some 80 is around the corner. They all have many health issues, you might even say "fragile" health. As I stood around and watched them interact, two things stood out: love and laughter. They shared stories of their various aches and pains, and lamented the passing of family members. They reminisced about their childhood, and old friends. Above all they laughed and smiled and basked in the love of being together.

I am most times surprised at the closeness of such a large extended family as mine. I ponder how so many people, who are so vastly different from one another, united by a bloodline, have forged such lasting relationships. Our history started here on this island and through out the years many of us have returned, determined to continue where the last generation left off.

There are few aunts and uncles left but the cousins ... the cousins number in the gazillions (if you include both first and second cousins and all their kids). We, this generation are picking up the torch. We are all well versed in our culture and traditions. We can name most, if not all of our ancestors and what part of Puerto Rico they came from. We still cook and crave traditional Puerto Rican food, no matter what part of the world we find ourselves in. We revel in each other's triumphs and share in each other's sorrows. We are family.

My cousin Tony was here for a visit in October. He lives in Connecticut. He could have gone on a cruise with his wife Michelle and instead came to Puerto Rico with his 4 kids because he wanted them to "see" where he came from. He wanted them to experience their roots. (OK, maybe there were times during the trip when he wished he was cruising without the kids but still his heart was here.) He took them everywhere on the island. They went to all the sights, and they spent time with family. They checked out the pigs and livestock, they walked round the farm and picked fruit. Tony wanted to keep that connection to our culture alive in yet another generation.

My cousins reunion in Vegas is yet another example of our family ties. Some of the cousins had not seen each other in close to 30 years, yet from the moment we all arrived to the moment we said our good-byes, we were family. We talked endlessly about our lives and our culture. We filled each other in on family history. We spoke of the diversity of who we are, and the different paths some have chosen. We discussed (for hours) the craziness of belonging to this family.

Today, while I watched the last surviving aunts and uncles, I realized we had come full circle. From the aunts and uncles to Tony's visit to the cousins reunion, we loved and we laughed. Each generation doing their part to keep family and culture alive.

I am blessed and proud to be Boricua and carry this family name.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Recently, I went hiking at one of my most favorite places, Zion National Park in Utah. I love hiking. Nothing makes me feel more at peace then nature. Zion is absolutely beautiful. My favorite trail is Angel's landing, it's about a 5 mile hike, and has an elevation gain of 1520 feet. Here's a look at one of the things that makes me happy, my recent Zion adventure.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fashion Sense?

I am not a fashion guru, and I have never played one on T.V. I am sure that there is a thing or 2 I need to learn about fashion but I do know there are some things that are just wrong.

What my fashion sense tells me:
  • If you weigh over 200 lbs. you are NOT a size 6, stop trying to pretend you are.
  • Unless you have 6 pack abs, shirts that expose your midriff are a definite fashion DON'T.
  • Try to age gracefully, dress your age.
  • Low rise jeans are great but butt cracks are exclusively for plumbers.
  • Pick a season and go with it, you really don't need to wear boots with your bathing suit.
  • Trying matching colors or go monochromatic. Some of you really should fear color.
  • Not everyone should wear thongs.
  • There is a thin line (perhaps even a thick line) between sexy and slutty. A lot of women don't seem to know that or maybe they don't care.
  • Super long nails are just plain ugly and scary.
  • Cracked heels and dry feet, should be hidden at all times.
  • There is a difference between being a free spirit and a fashion disaster.
  • Not all fashion trends are meant to be worn by all people.
Please feel free to add your own "Fashion Don't".

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Me, Me, Me Part 4

This is the last of my interview questions, yeah, it is, really, last one. These questions come from Heather, it took her a while to send them and it took me a while to get to them but we are both here now, so grin and bear it.
  1. John, Paul, Ringo or George? Why? (I'm thinking lifestyle and reputation, not just looks) I would have to say John because he appeared to live as he wished. I am all for having that ability to truly enjoy the freedom to be yourself. Even if it means naked pictures.
  2. What was the last book you finished reading? What did you like/dislike about it? Did it make you think or was it purely for enjoyment? The last book I read was "Chango's Fire" by Ernesto Quinonez. ( I am currently reading: Collected Stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez) "Chango's Fire" was a great read, and I enjoyed it for it's use of cultural references and it was well written. It was purely for enjoyment purposes but any good book always makes me think. I wondered about the writer, the development of characters and the lives they led. Get it, read it, you'll be glad you did.
  3. Your neighbor has passed out in the driveway again, but this time he's in your driveway. Do you wake him up and tell him to move or write "loser" in magic marker on his forehead? I wouldn't write anything on him because I would fear the toxic smells emanating from his being. I would however grab a broom and attempt to sweep him all the way to his driveway.
  4. You're having a booming year for avocados, after shipping a few dozen to me, what would you do with the rest? What do you make with the ones you keep for personal use? I would sell them for lot's of cash that I would then spend on new electronic toys and shoes, plenty of new shoes. The ones for personal use would find their way into my salads, I'd make guacamole and the really ripe ones make excellent hair conditioner. (just don't forget to rinse, otherwise people look at you funny).
  5. As the Queen of Puerto Rico, you have been asked to a conference of world leaders. What would you like to say to them? Anything specific for anyone in particular? First I would be very grateful and polite. (Manners do count.) Then I would use my time to explain the meaning and use of "common sense". I would hope to be eloquent enough to speak for and represent the true thoughts and feelings of those that do not have an opportunity to "bitch slap" those in power. Lastly I would specifically address President Bush and ask him why he hasn't learned to speak English correctly?. English is my second language, and I speak it well. Then I would trip him and laugh as he fell. The end.
Gracias for stopping by, please come back manana, more fun to be had.

Friday, November 02, 2007


When I was growing up in Brooklyn, nothing made me happier then hearing it might snow. The possibility of a "snow day", no school, what joy! Snow men, snowball fights, hot chocolate, all things that scream snow day. As an adult the news of an impending snow storm, meant perhaps being late to work, returning home to shovel, whining about trying to find my hat, scarf and mittens. Making sure I put my heels in my briefcase so I wouldn't have to wear my snow boots at work all day. Snow, one of things I no longer think about here on the island.

In Puerto Rico it never snows. It rains. It rains for days. And then it rains some more. The last storm brought with it 8 days of rain. Rain that fluctuates from heavy to light showers but it doesn't stop completely for days. Rain. Children love to hear the word. Torrential rain means no school. It means we may lose power, well ... we'll likely lose power. If we lose power we also have no water, since the well is powered by electricity. No power = no water = no school. My internet connection is via satellite, on rainy days my connection slows to crawl, if I have a connection at all. Lot's of rain means the farm goes unattended. Our soil is like red clay and it becomes slippery and almost treacherous when wet. Rain means the free range chickens look for dry hiding spots, like the shed, the balcony, and under the car. Rain means my cat can't play outside as much as he wants, and that in turn means I have to stop whatever I am doing every few minutes to let him back in or back out. Extended periods of rain mean that due to the warmth and humidity everything feels wet (clothes, furniture, even the walls) and everything starts to smell musty and old. But yet ... I love rainy days. I accept the "cons" as part of life here in the tropics.

I live on a mountain top and one of the sights I am always amazed by is being able to sit on my balcony and see the rain working it's way over to my house. I can see it (and sometimes hear it) in the distance. I sit and watch it slowly work it's way to me. I can watch as torrential rain can become a river flowing down from our mountain along the street. I marvel at the sound of thunder that roars with a fierceness that always makes me shiver a little. Lot's of rain means I'll spot another rainbow. It means it's a good day to read and relax. I sleep best during rain storms, something about that rhythmic soothing sound that lulls me into such a secure state that my insomnia seems a thing of the past.

After the rain, Puerto Rico is even more beautiful. The lushness of my island is spectacular. Every rainy spell is followed by the most glorious beautiful sunny days. It is as if the rain truly has cleansed my little part of the planet. The droplets of water still lingering on the trees as I walk through the farm, the fruits and vegetables glistening in the sun, waiting to be picked. The smell of freshness in the air. The warmth of the sun as it drys all the wetness from my balcony and my cat can finally lounge outdoors for as long as he wants. The rain and I are good friends.

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain" ( I have no clue who said this, but someone did)

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Today is day one of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). Everyday for the whole month of November, including holidays, I'm suppose to "blog". As this day was getting closer, I was starting to ponder, why?. Why did I think I could blog everyday for a month? Who talked me into this? What the fuck was I thinking? Why? Why? Why? Here's what I came up with:
  • The really cool prizes enticed me.
  • I was suffering a momentary lapse in logic.
  • I sometimes succumb to peer pressure even if that peer pressure is coming from people I never actually met. (but have sent fruit to)
  • Blogging everyday is something I always wanted to do but never seem to make time for, now I will be "forced" to.
  • I have a whole lot of "stuff" to write about and this is my excuse.
  • I'm just learning to type with all 10 fingers and I don't want to let that skill slip.
  • I have too much time on my hands after 12 hours of working the farm and running errands all day.
  • I look forward to the challenge and am secretly excited about it.
So my little huckleberries, stop in everyday and see what tales or jumbled words have escaped my brain pan and found their way to the Asylum walls.

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