Monday, July 27, 2009

The great outdoors

I took a little vacation, I was gone 12 days. 12 Days where I did nothing but focus on me (and a little bit on my travel companion.) I spent a lot of time listening to my ipod, sleeping long hours, a deep restful sleep, I read, had a manicure and pedicure and I hiked. I went to Arizona and Utah and Nevada. Now I know it was a bit crazy to leave this tropical island paradise for that dry desert heat that numbered in the triple digits every single day I was there but I am crazy that way. Anyone who knows me knows that my greatest joy is being in nature, surrounded by sunlight and walking/hiking.

I came back feeling a little more "together" and a little more focused and a lot more content. I won't go into detail about the couple times I cried or held back tears . The times I longed for things the way they use to be, or even the overwhelming sadness. I will tell you that this trip was a bit cathartic, I purged some negativity, accepted a few things, renewed my spirit and even found time to basked in the familiar.

I hiked the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion, then I topped it off with a side trip to Vegas. I went with my cousin Jenny (she's one of my gazillion cousins). She was the perfect travel partner, smart, witty and yet fully aware of my need to "mend" from the last year, she left me plenty of alone time.

Grand Canyon, absolute splendor.

Me at Bryce, contemplating the end of a 4 hour hike.

Zion Narrows

Grand canyon, Free from worry, I should have taken a leap and clicked my heels together but it was a long way down.

Bryce Canyon

Grand Canyon, dead tree

Working on pushing that damn boulder I've been carrying around away, far away.

Jenny and I, taken by some strange guy that followed us around for a bit.

Jenny after a long day of hiking.

Another dead tree, but it was pretty.

I have many more pictures to share but blogger is giving me a headache and taking way too long to upload pictures so this is the end ... for now.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oink Oink

I have been away for the last couple weeks but this post isn't about what a joyous time that was (that's the next post) this is about the damn swine flu. We on the island are at Level 5. level 6 being "we are more than likely in big trouble" pandemic level.

Now if you read the news there are a plethora of conflicting reports. According to news sources Puerto Rico has had anywhere from 1-8 deaths and 100-800 confirmed cases.

Let me tell you how it's playing out here on the "isla del encanto": We have had 8 deaths, 300 confirmed cases and about another 600 unconfirmed. A whole lot of people are walking around in full pandemic regalia. (surgical masks, gloves, and vats of alcohol based hand sanitizer.)

Our government (which is run by a bunch of stupid, greedy people who make all decisions based on their own personal agendas and not at all in the best interest of the country) have been on TV daily, warning us about our up coming doom yet telling us not to worry, it's all under control. The media of course has also done it's best to fuel the pandemic panic fires.

We really have no idea about the real facts since our government is stupid, but I think I already told you they were stupid, right? As of today meetings are being held behind closed doors to decide if in fact a level 6 will be declared today. In the mean time, we have been told to cancel all activities that involve large groups and several municipalities have shut down operations for the next week. There is a possibility that all government offices will close but I don't really know if that's true because well, our government is stupid.

The governor while making his daily news briefs has warned the public not to hug, or kiss or shake hands with anyone, not anyone, for any reason. Hellooooo this is Puerto Rico, does he have any idea that as a culture, as Puerto Ricans, physical touch is a must, it's an instinct, it's what makes us Puerto Rican. So as you can guess "the people" have gotten very creative to meet this new challenge. I saw people today touch elbows (because you know elbows can't spread germs), some throw kisses at each other, others touch finger tips and then pull out the vats of disinfectant to smear all over each other. Which if you ask me could be fun if done naked with the right person.

As for me, I am not doing anything except my same old routine, while constantly disinfecting my hands when ever I touch something that perhaps some human or some swine may have touch prior to me. I open a door somewhere public, I clean my hands, close a public door, clean my hands, touch money, clean hands, you get the picture? My hands are dry and chapped because using an alcohol based disinfectant on them and washing them 300 times daily has managed to destroy the natural softness and beauty that were once my hands. It is however a small price to pay to show my patriotic loyalty, or to prevent the spread of swine flu depending on which news report you follow.

If all hell doesn't break out today, I'll be back soon to tell you all about my vacation. Right now ,I am off to wash my hands because I don't know what swine might have touched this keyboard while I was away. (you can click on the Pooh pic to enlarge if you can't read it)

Update: we now have 9 confirmed deaths, 22 unconfirmed and so far still a level 5, school should start Aug 5 but media claims that will be delayed, more baloney, little facts. that is all ...

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