Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You are the berries

My darling huckleberries, you have proven once again that bonds are made even through cyberspace. Muchas gracias for the hugs, besos and deep breaths.

I would love to thank each of you by sending lavish expensive gifts or washing your car, cleaning your house, perhaps even teaching you my naked happy dance but alas that just isn't realistic.

So instead ... Gracias for being the best bunch of huckleberries a girl could ever dream of knowing. In fact you are so groovy, you are better than a plain huckleberry, you are chocolate covered!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A little bit lost

The last few days have been difficult ones. I will not go into all the details right now because it overwhelms me with sadness. I will say that it involves the passing of a dear and very special friend. I remember his voice and the laughs we shared on Christmas day and I can't fathom not hearing him again. I cry, I cry way too often and easily these days. It makes me very uncomfortable. I hurt because I can't make things better for his wife, my dear "comadre de mi alma". I hurt because death has become an all too familiar event in my life.

There are moments when I focus on the life that was. Moments shared, conversations held during long sleepless nights, his wisdom and his ever so quirky sense of humor. I am grateful that he was in my life. Grateful that he touched my heart. Grateful to have known him. Yet I can't seem to find much solace in those thoughts. Perhaps it's too new, and "time heals all wounds". Yes, time, perhaps a little time. Then again time only makes things a little more numb, I don't think it heals anything.

I struggle with the belief that he may be in a better place. Those that know me well, know this is a concept I don't really buy into. I struggle with what he left behind. I struggle with the emptiness. I struggle with the pain and anguish I heard in my comadre's voice when she told me. I struggle and I cry. It's been an emotional time.

So my little huckleberries, keep checking in, let me know how you are doing, I'll be reading your blogs but perhaps not commenting, I'll get around to the meme's I've been tagged with as soon as I feel up to it. In the mean time, tell me something sweet, or funny even, I can use the laugh.

Sending you "besos" from the asylum, where there's even more "locura" than usual.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Los tres Reyes Magos

I am guessing that most of you are getting back to your "normal" post holiday routines, not so for things at the Asylum. Here on my little island the party continues and will continue until January 6th. (a little longer for those with more traditional catholic fervor than yours truly). January 6th is "el dia de los Reyes" (3 kings day). We will continue to celebrate (in the most outrageous of holiday spirits) until the 3 kings deliver fabulous presents ( Santa was just a teaser) and we eat, drink and party "'till the cows come home" or the roosters crow letting us know that it's almost sun up and time to sleep.

Trying to get anything done in this country is never an easy task, but from thanksgiving until after 3 kings day, it's just a complete waste of time. Don't even try to conduct some sort of business, it will only make you want to "go postal" (which is usually frowned upon, more so during the holiday season). Nothing gets done during the holidays, most of the island is busy cooking special foods, having parties and staying somewhat inebriated.

30 years ago a child growing up in Puerto Rico didn't know about or care about Santa Claus. January 6th was the most special day, the day when the 3 Kings would arrive to deliver gifts to the baby Jesus and on their way would stop to drop off a gift for each child. Children would find boxes and fill them with hay for the camels, place them by/under their beds on the 5th and wake up to gifts left by "los Reyes".

The tradition of "los Reyes" is taken very seriously here on my island. The catholic church declared the Magi saints and gave each his own feast day. On the days following 3 kings day the octavas and the octavitas are celebrated to honor the magi. "Los Reyes mago" from the Persian magu meaning magician, also the name applied to the 3 wise men in the bible who followed the star of Bethlehem. The bible story does not name them nor give their number but Christian tradition from about the 7th century names the 3 kings Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar.

Since Christmas day, every day, every where I go I am surround by the Magi. I even saw them live and in person at the mall Sunday, they replaced Santa by the Christmas tree and of course in the holiday tradition for about $7 you can have your picture taken with them. Their beards fit just as poorly as Santa's did but their colorful robes were much more rockin' then Santa's red and white suit.

If I don't post too often between now and el dia de los 3 Reyes Mago, please know that it's not you, it's all about me ... me and my quest for the perfect box. The box I will lovingly fill with fresh hay, the box big enough to fit a few precious jewels, a couple pair of blahniks, a little white chocolate, a plane ticket and a $50 iTunes gift card. And anything else the magi think I am worthy of, after all, I have been a very good girl.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

May You ...

Rise above the small things and find strength and courage to conquer the big things.
Be surrounded by peace and joy.
Find, enjoy, relish love and loved ones.
Live your best life.
Happy New Year my little huckleberries.

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