Thursday, June 25, 2009

Slow resurgence

Yeah, yeah, so I claim to be back and then I write nada for several weeks. Damn me. I have many things I want to tell you and many things to write about, a wide variety of topics from politics to life on "the island" to sex but ... most days am too tired to put it all together so again with the bullet post:

  • I made it through another Fathers day, did a little pondering at the cemetery, I fucking hate holidays, always have, hate them now more than ever.
  • It's mango season soon to become avocado season, am ever so happy about the farm this time of year.
  • My mental and physical health really suck but am working on "fixing" both of those.
  • The governor of Puerto Rico is Luis Fortuno and he is an absolute idiot who has no idea what the people of Puerto Rico need and want. He (as do many politicians) made promises based on lies which he promptly broke the second he made it into office. He is currently in the USA asking/begging congress to allow a vote for Puerto Rico to vote on a possible vote on our status. Yeah, it makes no sense and it's stupid, a waste of time but he thinks it's important ... more on the politics of my island soon.
  • I am completely done with unpacking and organizing, hard to believe it took me 4 years to "settle in".
  • My 17 year old brother may be the spawn of Satan when he isn't one of the grooviest teens I know. Teenage drama surrounds him now that he thinks he is madly in love, argghhh.
  • Stupid people shouldn't breed, there really should be a law about that.
  • Speaking of kids, I hate pregnant women. Yes, you got knocked up but NO you do not deserve special treatment because of it. I took your parking spot, I don't care that it annoyed you, it's a mall courtesy not a law.
  • I really need to buy clothes that fit, I hate shopping.
  • Looking for a new hair style and hair color, the quest so far sucks.
  • Thanks to all of you that keep checking in on me, it's appreciated more than you know.
  • My lovely friend Loli had surgery on Monday, heal quickly, love you comadre.
There you have it ... a bunch of randomness. Whats random in your life?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It's been a while

I have been missing for a long, long while from the world of blogging as well as the world at large. Why? well it's a long story, long and convoluted so let me give it to you in bullets :

  • I was kidnapped by a chupacabra and only recently managed to escape.
  • I have been in such a foul mood that I could only write negative, vile things and frankly even I tired of my "pity parties".
  • Petulance (not to be confused with flatulence)
  • My writing muse took an extended vacation, leaving me high and dry.
  • I've been too busy.
  • Grief and overwhelming sadness
  • health issues, relationship issues, friendship issues, lot's of fucking issues.
  • I ran away and married Angelina Jolie Raul Julia Benicio Del Toro and being his sex slave wife leaves no time for blogging.
  • Soul searching.
  • I had eight babies, and have been avoiding the media circus that surrounds such a blessed event.
  • I just needed a break because of my mental break.
  • Due to my chronic insomnia have been hallucinating too much to write something clever.
  • Am so freaking tired, sick and tired.
  • Grief ... did I mention grief?
  • been training for a triathlon (can't even type that with a straight face.)
  • Been traveling the world using my powers for good and not evil.
  • No time to write, a Nuyorican (aka a Puerto Rican) is headed to the supreme court.
  • Procrastination, putting off till maƱana what I could have written about today.
  • sad, lonely, miserable, too many headaches.
  • No internet connection in my padded cell.
There you have it my little huckleberries, reasons why I have been gone, some are true, some are not. Feel free to add your own reasons for my disappearance.

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