Friday, July 27, 2007

Evils of Puerto Rican rum

This is my neighbor across the street. He got home around 6:30 this morning. Apparently he did not have the energy to make it into the house. I did what any good neighbor would do, I took his picture from my balcony as I drank my morning coffee.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

When it rains

I have a satellite connection for both my television viewing and my Internet access. It provides excellent TV viewing and a fabulously fast Internet connection on clear sunny days. However, when it rains, my life gets thrown a curve ball. Heavy rains and dense cloud cover means disrupted television viewing and my Internet connection disappears completely or slows to a crawl. I can live without my TV, my TV viewing is perhaps a couple hours a week. I can not live without my Internet access. This my little huckleberries is my lifeline to the happenings of the world, and of course to all of you. It has rained for the past 2 weeks, everyday, torrential at times, huge dark clouds, sprinkled every so often with a little ray of sunlight. I have felt that uneasy dizziness, the beginnings of shivers, and headaches which I now have come to associate with my Internet withdrawal symptoms. Sadly this is only the beginning of our rainy season.

The seasons here on the island differ in rain, and winds, as well as plant life. November to May is our dry season, June until November is our rainy season as well as Hurricane season. The last hurricane to hit Puerto Rico was Hurricane Georges in September of 1998. It was considered by many to be the worse hurricane to hit the island in over 70 years. Due to alertness and preparation few deaths were reported but damages sustained kept the island without electricity and running water for months. Not to mention the devastating losses to agriculture.

Should I happen to disappear for an unannounced extended period of time, check out the Puerto Rico weather report. If torrential rains (or hurricane) are/were in the forecast, please say a few prayers, light a few candles, remember me as I once was. A happy blogger. Above all, keep checking the Asylum for news of my resurrection. I'll be suffering quietly, tending to my withdrawal symptoms while drowning my sorrows with Palo Viejo. I'll also be taking notes, so I can blog and tell you all about rain. (ASAP)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Kiss Me

A man's kiss is his signature. ~ Mae West

Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink and your thirst increases. ~ Chinese proverb

I wasn't kissing her, I was whispering in her mouth. ~ Chico Marx

Besos are a great show of affection, second to a hug in my book. It says love, of course a new pair of Manolo's screams love a little louder but lets just talk about kissing.

The first kiss that left my heart a flutter was in High School. He's name was Jimmy. It wasn't a great kiss but I did have a ginormous crush on him and it was an unexpected, surprise kiss. A quick peck on the lips, out of no where. Surprise kisses are a pretty fabulous thing. (As long as they don't come from stalkers or pond scum smelly people.)

I love the intimacy of kissing. The affirmation of that connection between me and that other person. The way a quick kiss starts or ends with laughter. The way a beso on my neck will send shivers down my spine when delivered by the love of my vida. (you know who you are)

Those passionate kisses, you know the ones that leave you wanting more, and if continued, cause you to invoke the name of several gods, or makes sounds you aren't totally aware came from you. Passionate kissing that almost takes your breath away. A groovy thing.

The goodnight kiss, reminds me of comfort. Goodnight kisses say "yes, we made it through another day, now go to sleep and stay on your side of the bed". We always kissed goodnight in my family perhaps that is why goodnight kisses are like comfort food to me.

Silly kisses that inspire laughter are great. kissing his bald spot, or some other not so usual spot. Silly kisses that make much more noise then should be allowed, sort of make you mad but you can't help but giggle. Those rapid fire, a million kisses in succession, just because you're in love. Silly kisses, gotta love those.

The lustful kiss, not to be confused with the passionate kiss. The passionate kiss can lead to sex but doesn't always go there. The lustful kiss, well, it's only goal in life is sex. Lustful sex. enough said.

Kisses that wipe your tears away. Nothing sexual, just strength that reminds you all will be OK, that you are loved, even in your worst or saddest moments.

There are kisses I hate. Like the "not only can I touch your tonsils with my tongue but I can also check for nodules in your throat kiss". Don't get me wrong, a deep kiss with tongue is fine but lets leave my tonsils out of it. Deep throating is for other things (yes, that's right I went "ahead" and eluded to you know what, so) The other kiss I hate is the slobbering I really am a dog kiss. Please, please there is no reason why I should look in the mirror to find out there was so much slobbering my mascara ran!. ewww.

Besos are a show of emotion, love and happiness. A kiss from mom or dad, the way you kiss your pet, the besos shared by lovers. All good and then there are those betrayal kisses or that kiss of death, or the ones that spread cooties. Not a good thing. I never had to experience the betrayal kiss or the kiss of death, but I think I got cooties once or twice. So many Besos, so little time.

In the comments tell me how you feel about kissing. Is there a memorable kiss?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Asylum

Mental illness is defined as: 1) Any disease of the mind, the psychological state of someone who has emotional or behavioral problems serious enough to require psychiatric intervention. 2) Any of various psychiatric disorders or diseases, usually characterized by impairment of mood, thought or behavior.

Statistics claim that roughly 1 in every 4 adults each year suffers from some form of mental illness. Anxiety and depression being the most common. Mental illnesses are biological based brain disorders and can strike any individual regardless of age, gender, religion, nationality or income.

Among the many things that make me fabulous (trust me the list of things that make me fabulous is endless), is my vast knowledge of mental illness and it's treatment. In my little bag of tricks I hold many bits and pieces of information. I know about the latest treatment modalities, newest medications, current mental health fads and all sorts of verbiage related to being/feeling crazy, out of sorts, not right, depressed and so on ... you can fill in any other labels here.

I came about this wealth of knowledge through two routes, formal education, yes my little huckleberries back when I had a career it was in the mental health field, and through personal experience. My family, those near and far come with many "mental issues". For some reason albeit whatever gods exist or perhaps it was just the way of the universe, I am a designated therapist to those I love and to those I know and to those that just happen to find me. My profound loyalty to family has made it impossible to ever turn a deaf ear to those in mental pain regardless of the cost to me both financially and personally. My strong belief in the strength and possibility of healing the mind, leading to a happy life, keeps me researching treatments and, medications. Constantly studying human behavior and it's effects on the mind.

In recent months I have been coping with the mental illness of a couple people near and dear to me. In fact, my emotional bond to these 2 is stronger than super glue. It has been difficult to see their pain, to witness bits of self destruction, to worry about side effects to new medication, to get completely encircled by depression, suicide, aggression and to be limited by their cognitive disabilities.

So why this post, I don't really know, as I do feel like I am just babbling. If I had a point (and I am not sure that I do) It is that sometimes given all the right tools, sometimes vast amounts of knowledge can't always help those you love. That sometimes wanting to save someone can cost you more than you were willing to pay. But you pay the price because you refuse to give up, because you can't lose faith that with time somehow, somewhere answers will appear and the mental anguish of those you love will ease it's self into a calmness that will allow them to live a happier life.

So my little huckleberries if you find yourself feeling a tad "crazy", if you are experiencing extreme bouts of melancholy, if you feel suicidal, alone, in despair, know that you are not alone. Know that millions of people all over the world are feeling the same thing right now, even as you read this. Know that there is hope, there is help. Know that your strongest asset is your ability to heal and live a better, happier life. Know that joy is around the corner, even if you can't see it right now. Know that somewhere on a tropical island someone wishes you well, wishes you a heart full of hope, a good nights sleep and above all ... a little mental health.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Madtv - Apple I-rack

I absolutely love this. I love apple, and I hate Bush.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Summer Time

This months new banner is of Playa Mar Chiquita in Manati, that little speck in the water on the left hand side is my cousin Tony. He grew up in Manati and during his visit last October, we went to Mar Chiquita, re-visiting his childhood memories. Summer time reminds me of beaches. Going to the beach as a kid was the highlight of my summer. We went to Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York. We got there early to get the best spot and were the last to leave. I spent hours watching the seagulls, who were on a constant vigil for food left unattended. Located across the street was Rockaway Playland. On rare occasions there was enough money to go to playland and ride the bumper cars or the carousel. Oh, those were sweet memories. Now I live on a tropical island, where beaches are many, all a little different, all beautiful. Today is Beach day at the Asylum: Welcome to my world.

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