Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ho Ho Ho

It's hard to believe that it's been almost a whole year since last I posted something here at the asylum. I will not bother to tell why I haven't been in touch, nor will I bore you with promises to keep in touch. I just want you to know that I am thinking of you. I may be back next year, and then again I may not. But For tonight lets just pretend we never broke up, and that all is right in our world, that I never stopped talking to you, that I have been sharing tales of all my adventures, that I told you all about my heartache, that we held hands and cried while missing loved ones, that we shared many laughs and giggles, had one too many drinks and most of all lets pretend I didn't stop writing. And while I ponder coming back or not ... Merry Christmas.

And to "Mr. Chibby" Hope you are well, think of you often, Thanks for always checking in, Besos

Happy Trails to all of you, until we meet again ... maybe.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tired but a champion

I have been so tired for the last couple weeks. I am not sure why. It could be that I get up at 4 AM every day. It could be that I have been putting in 12 hour days. It could be that I have aged another year. It could be that my cat seems to find it amusing to jump into bed with me and bring along a toy, insisting it's time to play regardless of the ungodly hour. Perhaps it's the insomnia kicking my ass, maybe it's a vitamin deficiency but whatever the reason I am going to

Friday, January 07, 2011

Anniversary of the day of my birth

7 things about me:

My favorite flower: Dahlias
My favorite colors: green, purple, and black.
My favorite fruit: mango, strawberries, papaya (not too ripe).
My favorite beverage: coffee and champagne (but not together).
My favorite books: " A prayer for Owen Meany"by John Irving and "Down these mean streets" by Peri Thomas.
My favorite music: way too many to mention, depends on mood, time, and activity.
My favorite activity: hiking and lounging on the beach.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Twenty Eleven

It's hard to believe that I have once again neglected this blog for as long as I have. The time has flown by, I last posted in May. I keep meaning to write but you know how that goes, sometimes life just gets in the way. Spring came and went, summer ended, fall was just a blur and winter is here. 2010 is gone and 2011 has arrived. Damn, I have been gone a long time. ( but I am still looking mighty fine.)


Thanks to all the people and situations that gave me pain and grief, because of you I am stronger.
Thanks to all who worried about me, because of you I never felt alone.
Thanks to my comadres (Loli and Yogi) because of you I know unconditional true friendship.
Thanks to my family, we are an odd bunch but because of you I know how much I am loved.
Thanks to my mantra "this too shall pass" because of you I kept what little was left of my sanity.
Thanks to my Huckleberries because of you I still feel encouraged to write.
Thanks heartache because of you I am learning to appreciate the little things.
Thanks Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey because of you I gained a few pounds.
Thanks 2010 because of you I am so damn glad it's 2011.


I promise to work harder at letting the old pain go.
I promise to try and be happier.
I promise to make more time for the "full expression of my personality".
I promise to not let my hair roots show as often.
I promise to comment on you blogs, answer my email and return your calls more consistently.
I promise to stop swearing so much.
I promise to stop skipping meals and exercise more.
I promise to be more positive, more appreciative, and more focused.
I promise to blog more.

It will be a better year, I yelled it from the rooftop, it must be true.

Besos, Es

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