Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cabo Rojo

I have absolutely nothing of any real substance to post about right now. But while I was pondering how to advertise for a new muse, I went to the beach. I live on an island that's what we do when we need an escape from ... well you know, an escape from the lush vegetation. I went to Cabo Rojo. (you can read about Cabo Rojo by following the link). I'm still working on getting rid of this massive void in my heart but the sun and ocean did some good. I did take a few pictures for your viewing enjoyment. Salt flats More salt flats
One of the many things Cabo Rojo is known for is it's salt flats. In Fact "el Combate" beach is so named for the fights that took place among locals for possession of the salt flats. (salt was once worth a pretty penny)

El Combate Beach, it was this crowded all week.

Look at those crowds! There must be 10 people in the water.

My beach chair, where I sat pondering life, on the very crowded beach.

Nothing like bringing a 16 year old along when you ponder life. (my brother, Albert)

An even better thing to do when "pondering life" is to bring 3 sixteen year olds with you to the beach. See that look on my brothers face? He was really into the whole pondering thing.

The beach was fun, I got a little sun burnt, I left with no answers to any of my life's questions but I escaped the sadness for a short while and that was worth it. (And my hives are almost gone, in case you were wondering).

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