Monday, August 17, 2009

Hurricane Season is upon us

We are currently being drenched by tropical depression Ana. We expect a lot of rain and some windy conditions. Latest reports advise about flooding. I don't mind the rain except this means that getting into town will require me to take an alternate route since my normal road will be under water in a couple hours. I need to get to the grocery store today. damn it.

Hurricane Bill, is heading this way and although earlier reports said it would hit Puerto Rico head on, now it seems it will miss us but again we expect heavy rain and winds by Friday. The national Hurricane center is telling us that it is still too early to say weather Hurricane Bill will miss us or not because it is about 4 days away. In 4 days anything can happen and normally does when speaking "hurricanes".

I am going into Hurricane mode none the less because I don't care to fight the masses for gallons of water or batteries on Thursday. (should Bill decide to pay us a visit on Friday as is predicted)
I will be going to Home depot and the grocery store today during the downpour of Tropical Depression Ana.

The National Hurricane Center offers this helpful tips for Hurricane preparedness . I am going to focus on water, ya gotta have water, food, I gotta eat, making sure my cell phone and Ipod are fully charged at all times, snacks are a must have. I love chips and dip during a storm, and of course Booze because what goes better with chips and dip than an ice cold Medalla? (ice cold as long as there is power, of course) But in case there is no power Red wine can be served at room temperature, keep that in mind when you are getting ready.

Hurricane season last until November. This is the first of many warnings to come my way. I fully understand the devastation a hurricane can leave in its wake and although I do heed the warnings, I can't help but take a lighthearted view in my approach because lets face it, Life is too short to freak out. I can't control Mother Nature, but I can control my hurricane preparedness, so let the games begin ...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The great outdoors, part 2

Some more vacation pictures: above picture from Zion in Utah, you should really go there.

Zion Narrows, Jenny and I hiked the Narrows for 7 hours, beautiful hike.

The narrows: it's mostly hiking through rock and water.


Jenny working her way across the water, to that mud area in the background.

Bryce Canyon, you really should go there too.

Dead tree, crow, Grand Canyon.

As you were, am done for now.

Monday, August 03, 2009

I am ...

Reading: Last exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby, Jr.

Listening: my ipod, Spearhead, all rebel rockers.

Watching: nada.

Eating: Fruity Cheerios.

Drinking: Strong black coffee/water/lemonade (not together).

Making: a list of everything I need to get done this week.

Waiting: for the other shoe to drop, or miracles to happen.

Wondering: If there is any truth to "a fine line between genius and insanity"?.

Wanting: To relive one moment of my choice.

Y tu? Que haces?

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