Monday, February 08, 2010


While I was in Santo Domingo my beverage choices varied, beer, rum, Dansani flavored water (toronja bliss was my favorite) and Diet coke also known as Coca Cola Light. Coca Cola light didn't really taste the same as diet coke, a little flat tasting in fact. But "light" sounds somehow better than diet.

Pollos Victorino is a chain of fast food chicken places, I spotted them in numerous locations on my travels in Santo Domingo. During the week there never seemed to be anyone buying chicken there, but on weekends they were packed. "Sabor a ti" loosely translates into "taste like you". Now I have no doubt that I taste damn fabulous but am not sure I want my chicken to taste like me because I like my chicken to taste ...well, like chicken. Also how do I know that said chicken will in fact taste like me and not you? Not that you taste terrible but do you taste like chicken? This sign sort of reminded me of "Soylent Green" hence why I never ate there.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

A little vacation

As I have told you a few times I have a gazillion cousins. Some are not so nice, some are nice and some are down right scary. One of the nice ones, is my cousin Olga. Back when we lived in Brooklyn, Olga use to babysit me during summer school vacations. She was a great babysitter. She recently reminded me that as a child I refused to drink any beverage that didn't have crushed ice, she of course always crushed my ice, she spoiled me. Until about 8 months ago Olga lived in Texas now she lives here in Puerto Rico. She moved to help care for her mom, my tia Francis. Olga happens to own a timeshare in Santo Domingo, and since we both needed a little break from our caregiver/caretaker jobs, the Dominican Republic seemed like a nice escape ... and it was.

Let me tell you my little huckleberries, I slept ( a whole lot) I watched TV, I ate and I drank and sunbathed and went sightseeing. It was a heavenly vacation. The weather was great the entire week we were there. Santo Domingo is filled with many historic sights, colonial times have been preserved and the architecture is impressive. The people were wonderfully friendly, the food phenomenal and the beer, well the beer was damn tasty. (the rum wasn't too shabby either but I have to admit it isn't as good as PR rum) Thank you Cuz for the love, the stories shared, and our vacation to Santo Domingo, it was great fun. And I won't tell anyone how you were a little grumpy on the flight home because you couldn't nap due to the fact that R.K.M. & Ken-Y were sitting right behind us on the plane and I had to show you their picture on my IPOD and tell you who they were because I am so hip and have a 17 year old brother who keeps me up on these things. I love that among the gazillion cousins you are one of the good ones.

Columbus or maybe it was his son, slept here.

Colonial Plaza Church

inside the church

Plaza outside the church

Coastline near our condo

Street musicians enjoyed while having a beer at a sidewalk cafe

Olga at the National Aquarium

These lizards were everywhere, and they were big.

Stairways like this one can found all over older parts of the city

Our Transportation to and from Saona Island

Saona Island

Same island, another view

I have more pictures to share at another time, blogger is taking too long to upload and I have things to do. Enjoy the weekend, be back soon.

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