Saturday, April 24, 2010

I love you

Dearest Albert,

We met when you were 2 years old. I still shudder when I think about how sad, frightening and painful the first 2 years of your life had been. I hope you always remember as terrible as those years may have been, those bad things do not define the man you are. They are just there to reinforce the strength of the man you are becoming. But that was then and this is now. Today is April 24th, the day you have been counting down for an entire year, your 18th birthday ( Yeah, yeah I bought you that new car... NOT!) In your honor, I am sharing some sisterly wisdom and some memories of our life together. These pictures remind me of all the reasons why I love you.

The above picture was our first trip to Puerto Rico, I think you were 4. You carried 11 coconuts up that hill, I don't know why but you were determined. Don't be a quitter. Follow through with things. Determination is a great quality to have.

Our first trip to Disney World, you were 5, maybe 6. You walked around with that autograph book and had everyone sign it. You were fearless. Everything made you laugh. There was magic in everything. Keep your inner child happy, it will keep the adult in you healthy.

Last year, the family Caribbean cruise. You love a good laugh. We share lots of laughter. You have a great sense of humor, remember to use that when times get tough. Don't lose the laughter.

You and dad, in Puerto Rico, besides your love of carrying coconuts, I discovered your love of the beach and the ocean this trip. You were carefree, unafraid and learned to swim on your own. You have become an impressive athlete. You play baseball, basketball, volleyball, and run like the wind. Stay active, you've got an awesome body now but someday 18 will be a memory and 60 will knocking at your door.

This was about 3 years ago, you and Papa. You are so compassionate. You were so wonderful to him. It made my heart soar when ever I watched you interact with him. Always be compassionate, remember to be kind to those less fortunate. Remember to always make time to help others, it is one of life's wonderful rewards. It takes so little and means so much, I know it sounds corny but it's true.

You and Mama during the family cruise. You have an innate ability to make everyone love you. It's an incredible skill to be able to relate to all kinds of peoples, from all walks of life. On the last day of the cruise you were surrounded by people you had met along the week. Someone asked us if you were famous because of the commotion. You always make a lasting impression. Don't abuse that skill. Use it for good and not evil.

You were once an alter boy. That's you, up front and center. We have had many discussions about religion. It's a wonderful thing that you believe in God. We couldn't be further apart in our beliefs but you have always shown me respect even in light of those differences. Respect others beliefs in the same way that you respect mine. Always respect the differences in people. Respect is essential in life.

This is you on drugs. Not that you do drugs, but if you did, this would be you. DON'T DO DRUGS! You don't ever want to be this ugly. And if I find out you are doing drugs, I will kick your ass, and you know that I can. 'nuff said.

You and your cousin Edwin. Family and friends are important. Be loyal to them. Be true to your word. Always make time for them. Always be sincere. Remember forgiveness is important in all relationships. ( I forgive you for wearing those white crocs)

You were 16 in this picture, looking cool, and it cracks me up that you made sure to match your clothes to your vehicle. You love clothes and shoes, in fact your love of shoes rivals my own. Always take pride in yourself. Always be kind to yourself. Always keep your priorities in check.

You and Dilmaris, your girlfriend. Your first love. This past year has been filled with drama in the relationship department as the two of you learn the in's and out's of this whole love thing. Respect and trust the women you have relationships with. Be honest, be romantic, and practice safe sex. ALWAYS. Remember that an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy will change your life forever and more than likely in negative ways. Besides the pregnancy thing, there are bad, nasty diseases which will attach themselves to your penis and never let go. Safe sex ... wear a condom, other wise your penis will exhibit nasty, gross sores and warts and it will shrivel up and fall off, trust me, I wouldn't lie to you.

17, healthy, strong, great smile, wonderful personality, bad temper. You worse fault is your bad temper. Learn to control it. It will ruin your life. Not everything is worth freaking out about. Not everything is life or death. Anger can be a good thing, healthy even but not if it seriously injures those you love. Learn to express your anger in healthier ways, you will be better for it.

Your first school picture. You are beautiful in many ways. Inside and out. I love you dear brother, siempre, sin condiciones. Happy Birthday, looking forward to seeing your future unfold.

Besos, Es

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Puerto Rican tales

I was born in Puerto Rico. I am a United States citizen, everyone born on the island is, it's one of the benefits of my island being a colony of the USA. When I first moved back to mi isla I had reason to obtain a copy of my birth certificate. It seems here on the island we need a birth certificate to do a whole bunch of things including opening a bank account. To get a copy of my birth certificate I had to stand on huge lines, show 62 pieces of identification, fill out a very long application form and pay a $20 fee. Imagine my surprise when recently our government informed it's people that as of July 1st, all our birth certificates will be null and void. Yes, my old birth certificate will no longer be valid and I must apply for a new one. WTF.

Due to the current craziness in global immigration issues, Puerto Rican birth certificates reportedly account for 40% of passport and identification fraud. Nefarious people are willing to pay upwards of $10,000 for one. OK maybe they aren't all nefarious, perhaps some are just illegal aliens looking to score naturalized citizenship but whatever the reason, as of July 1st, I must go back into the depths of hell my local demographics office and obtain a new certificate.

There will be millions of Boricuas here on the island and in the United States trying to replace their useless birth certificate for a new one. There has been no news as to how the new certificate will be enhanced to prevent identity theft and no news as to what will prevent me from selling the new one for a quick $10,000. In the mean time I currently have not one but two legal copies of my birth certificate up for grabs. I will only entertain serious offers, cash only, throw in a pair of Manolo Blahniks and you win. Please hurry July 1st is quickly approaching.

In other Puerto Rican news fronts, it appears Republicans are throwing around the name of our governor Luis Fortuño as possible vice presidential material. (Seriously, lets all pause for a moment while I stop laughing) I am absolutely a proud Boricua, I love my island, it's people and my culture. I also come from a long line of politically active family. But Luis Fortuño for vice president? The man is a complete moron. An elitist with little regard for the islands people whose main concern is his own political life and agenda. Perhaps that is exactly what qualifies him as Republican vice president material pero no puede ser. Seriously, I don't think it will ever happen, it's just talk, even just rumor. I shall be having nightmares for at least a month now. Damn those political rumor mills to hell.

The Department of Natural and Environmental Resources has informed us that Lionfish have invaded the northern coast of Puerto Rico. The troublesome invasion of these beautiful yet dangerous fish are threatening our native reefs. The speed at which the Lionfish reproduces as well as it massive appetite could spell disaster for our northern coast. Environmental Resources is pursuing ways to get this problem under control by posting a hot line phone number for Lionfish sightings and offering fishermen $2 or $3 a piece for species turned over to them. I wonder if Lionfish born in Puerto Rico need to apply for the new birth certificate? Perhaps we can ask our governor to jump in to the waters off the northern coast and pet a few. Can Lionfish count as constituents?

In news closer to my corazon, my little brother turns 18 on Saturday. Be still my heart, more on that monumental occasion to come.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello Blog, are you there? It's me ...

My Dearest Blog,

I know I have neglected you, I mean really neglected you. If you were a living thing, you would most likely be dead by now and I would be planning your funeral. In my defense I should tell you that I have been very ill in recent months. I have been a walking, one arm disease magnet. Tylenol cold and flu are now my best friends. I am taking mega doses of vitamin C and looking into investment options with the Kleenex company. I am happy to report that in the last couple weeks I seem to be on the mend and taking lesser amounts of drugs to combat the evil germs inside me.

I also have not written much because I injured my left shoulder several months ago. I injured it bad enough that the pain was horrific if I moved my arm. So I stopped moving my arm. I really had no need for a left arm anyway. We have all seen those documentaries, people can do wonderful things without the use of a limb, right? Right. I have become very adept at performing all sorts of mundane daily tasks with only one arm. I should have taken pictures to share with you because I am a lovely sight trying to get dressed in the morning. I didn't know I had the physically agility to put my bra on, and pull on shorts with one arm. But oh baby I do, and I did, well I did until the pain in my useless left arm became constant and ran the entire length of my arm, right into my finger tips. My left arm would not be ignored. Damn, I did so try to ignore it. So after my ripped tendon, and adhesive capsulitis were diagnosed. (the frozen shoulder I am sure a result of my refusal to move my left arm for a few months, yeah, I really am a genius.) I have since had a procedure requiring painful needles, and physical therapy. I will continue the physical therapy for a couple more months. Yes, my dear blog, not only have I been germ infested, but I was stupid enough to ignore a torn shoulder tendon and yet I lived to tell my story. Seriously I know it's hard to believe but I am a genius.

I am feeling better, I am no longer the one armed virus germ magnet. (am about an arm and a half right now) The healing started just as you were starting to cough up blood but before you died altogether. Happy days. Please do stay tuned I have some stories to tell and I promise to feed you more often. (yeah yeah I know I've said that before but I mean it this time, I think, no I do really) Until next time...

Besos, Es

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