Monday, May 17, 2010

another bullet post

  • My brother's birthday party was fun, he got plenty of fabulous gifts, and groovy memories.
  • My shoulder is healing. I have been going to physical therapy 3 times a week. I dare say I am even starting to use my left arm again. I have a whole lot less pain and can now dress myself independently. Feeling pretty good about my progress.
  • Sunday around 1:15 am I felt the earth move. My first reaction was "yeah, he rocks my world", followed by "am I dreaming?" which quickly turned into ... no wait I am wide awake and sleeping alone. It took only seconds to realize it was in fact an earth quake. A moderate earth quake of 5.8. The island sustained minimal structural damage, some rock slides, no deaths or injuries reported. It was an odd sensation to feel my bed rocking, and hear things rumbling.
  • I have decided to get political, after all I am Puerto Rican and politics is sort of our hobby and national pastime. Am starting in my own community. I am now the "water queen". We have private well water services in our community, which serves about 110 families. Being water queen requires meetings with our mayor, environmental services, local electric company and of course, the 110 families we serve. I dubbed myself water queen, because you know, I am all about the power. First Aguas Buenas, then the world. (insert maniacal laugh here)
  • It's mango season, and that my little huckleberries is one of the greatest things about living here. I went to a baseball game this weekend in Ponce. I parked in front of a house with a massive mango tree, and there were mangos everywhere. I asked the home owners if I could help myself to some fruit and they said yes, not only yes, but got me some bags, opened their gate and helped me unto the roof of their house where I proceeded to fill two large garbage bags with delicious mangos. I shared some at the ball game but brought plenty back home. I absolutely love mangos!
  • OK, that's it. done. be back soon.

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