Friday, January 21, 2011

Tired but a champion

I have been so tired for the last couple weeks. I am not sure why. It could be that I get up at 4 AM every day. It could be that I have been putting in 12 hour days. It could be that I have aged another year. It could be that my cat seems to find it amusing to jump into bed with me and bring along a toy, insisting it's time to play regardless of the ungodly hour. Perhaps it's the insomnia kicking my ass, maybe it's a vitamin deficiency but whatever the reason I am going to

Friday, January 07, 2011

Anniversary of the day of my birth

7 things about me:

My favorite flower: Dahlias
My favorite colors: green, purple, and black.
My favorite fruit: mango, strawberries, papaya (not too ripe).
My favorite beverage: coffee and champagne (but not together).
My favorite books: " A prayer for Owen Meany"by John Irving and "Down these mean streets" by Peri Thomas.
My favorite music: way too many to mention, depends on mood, time, and activity.
My favorite activity: hiking and lounging on the beach.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Twenty Eleven

It's hard to believe that I have once again neglected this blog for as long as I have. The time has flown by, I last posted in May. I keep meaning to write but you know how that goes, sometimes life just gets in the way. Spring came and went, summer ended, fall was just a blur and winter is here. 2010 is gone and 2011 has arrived. Damn, I have been gone a long time. ( but I am still looking mighty fine.)


Thanks to all the people and situations that gave me pain and grief, because of you I am stronger.
Thanks to all who worried about me, because of you I never felt alone.
Thanks to my comadres (Loli and Yogi) because of you I know unconditional true friendship.
Thanks to my family, we are an odd bunch but because of you I know how much I am loved.
Thanks to my mantra "this too shall pass" because of you I kept what little was left of my sanity.
Thanks to my Huckleberries because of you I still feel encouraged to write.
Thanks heartache because of you I am learning to appreciate the little things.
Thanks Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey because of you I gained a few pounds.
Thanks 2010 because of you I am so damn glad it's 2011.


I promise to work harder at letting the old pain go.
I promise to try and be happier.
I promise to make more time for the "full expression of my personality".
I promise to not let my hair roots show as often.
I promise to comment on you blogs, answer my email and return your calls more consistently.
I promise to stop swearing so much.
I promise to stop skipping meals and exercise more.
I promise to be more positive, more appreciative, and more focused.
I promise to blog more.

It will be a better year, I yelled it from the rooftop, it must be true.

Besos, Es

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